Student playing LJ Hutchen clarinetThe concept of LJ Hutchen Instruments began with the knowledge and experience of Mr. Paul Effman. In addition to being a performer, Mr. Effman has over thirty years experience as an educator and instrument repair technician (elementary through university levels).


In 1971 the majority of private schools did not offer instrumental music. Mr. Effman started a music program at St. Hyacinth School in Glen Head, NY. His service has grown and currently provides over 400 schools throughout the country with music programs. Today, with a staff of over 90 educators, Paul Effman has helped fill the musical void that was prevalent in 1971. As a result of his mission, many parents and educators now know that instrumental music is an integral part of an overall curriculum. All students should have the opportunity to experience the beauty of making music.


Paul Effman is in a unique position. His background enables him to ascertain a student's needs when purchasing an instrument. Mr. Effman is certain that beginning musicians in particular require high quality instruments. New musicians are not able to compensate for the problems (poor intonation, mechanical imperfections) that come with so many products in the present market place. Mr. Effman has sold American, Asian, and European instruments for over four decades. He has found there to be a lack of quality control accompanied by inflationary pricing. In response to these shortcomings, Paul Effman has created LJ Hutchen Band Instruments.


LJ Hutchen is dramatically different from other companies. These instruments allow musicians to learn music without the frustration that comes along with playing poorly designed products. Many LJ Hutchen consumers are also members of band programs provided by Paul Effman Music Service. It is his responsibility to make certain that the educational process is enhanced by the quality of the instrument.


Upon comparing our products and prices to alternatives found in music stores, large discount stores and internet vendors, you will find that there is NO COMPARISON.





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